Who we are

 We are producers of vegetables concerned about the quality and the safety of food we consume and vegetables we produce.

We set very high standards of quality for growing our vegetables, protecting the earth and the life it supports. We use nature and its inhabitants as partners for insect control, pollination and enriching our soil.

We apply the principles of organic farming using only safe products for health and the environment. Although we're not certified, it is with the same rigor as we cultivate the land and produce our vegetables using organic and heirloom seeds, and mild cultivation methods for the environment.

Our little farm is located on Route 148, in an enchanting landscape on the edge of the Ottawa river half way between Thurso and Masson in Gatineau sector.

 Ecological agriculture

We opted for ecological farming because it is an agriculture that respects the health of ecosystems and people, be they consumers or laborers. It promotes respect for biodiversity, biological cycles and animal welfare.

Ecological agriculture excludes the use of GMOs (genetically modified organism) that requires the heavy use of chemical and synthetic products that contaminate the environment and creates a dependence on GMO seed producers.

We believe that

Ecological  Agriculture

is the only guaranty to a healthy diet,

today and tomorow