Gardens preparation

This year we fitted a new garden plot along the Ottawa River .

The soil is rich, slightly sandy which is ideal for a wide variety of vegetables .Because our soils are composed largely of clay we avoid using heavy machinery to not compact it.

This year we have used the services of Gabriel Lecavalier and his horses Rosie and Tiny .The plowing with horses is an art that few people practice since it requires great skill and complicity with his horses.

At 85 years old, Gabriel directs his hitch with master hands and great precision .

Gabriel is a champion plowman from Eastern Ontario !

Advantages of using the horse for tillage

The first advantage of the horse is :    

access without problems where the use of machine becomes dangerous or impossible.    

being very handy, it can turn on itself

allows the reactivation of biological life , chemical and physical properties of the oil and keeps the agronomic potential

limit runoff of excess rain     

allows the formation of deep reserves  of water by maintaining better infiltration

tillage by the horse creates a soil structure more suited to plant health.    

root system penetrates deep , providing better access to water supply .

Disadvantages of a compacted soil ( sole)

The sole is like a wall that upsets soil biology .

Earthworms can't access to the organic matter on the surface, degrading and mixing it with the soil to improve its structure.Thus they die stranded .     

The minerals can't properly reach the roots and the root system is  asphyxiated .